About ETHNIC – a training course in Malta

ETHNIC was a training course created by a network of 12 partner organisations from the EU, pre-accession countries and other partners from Euromed, Eastern Europe and Caucasus and South East Europe.

The project which was run by TDM 2000 Malta had the main aim of increasing youth work competences when working with youth coming from cultural minority groups in the countries of the partners. The main event took place in Malta, where youth workers from of our organisation participated in non-formal learning based activities and workshops within a group of 36 workers.

Through the organised activities, the participants achieved the following objectives;

● To develop and update the capacity of youth workers and youth leaders from 9 countries to approach and help the young refugees and immigrants to better integrate into the local communities – through creative inclusive projects;

● To raise awareness about the refugees and immigrants’ situation in the local communities, fighting hate speech and building dialogue and understanding between the locals and the newcomers – through different non formal education methods, awareness campaigns and different visual tools.

● To facilitate the best practices exchange at international level between 9 NGOs and 36 youth workers in the field of non-formal education and promote the effectiveness of non-formal methods in addressing the current challenges to the crisis of refugees and immigrants.

● To enhance the international collaboration among the 9 NGOs involved in the project and to facilitate the development of 5 future non-formal education projects whose main target group will be young refugees or immigrants

• Learnt about the opportunities set by the Erasmus+ programme and how this structure and how young persons coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds

The two week programme was run by the Maltese hosts and the Romanian Trainer who tackled the needs of our organisation and our target groups to help us in the work we do regularly. The outcome of this Erasmus+ event includes new skills and sharing of loads of new examples of good practice which we hope to be able to put into practice.

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