ADA is searching for 3 youth workers for a Training course in Malta between 14th and 29th of October 2021. Details below!

ETHNIC was born out of the challenges that refugees & immigrants face today. Refugees & immigrants face the trauma of uprooting, leaving their familiar environments for the unknown, adapting to a new environment & familiarising themselves with local resources. They face cultural shock & negative attitudes (discrimination, prejudices, xenophobia & social exclusion).

Young refugees & immigrants need educational & social inclusion programs, development of learning capacity and assessment of the transferability of professional skills, counselling & support in the process of adaptation.

ETHNIC promotes inclusion, diversity, equality and non-discrimination in the field of youth. It facilitates the learning opportunities of youth workers and youth leaders from 12 countries and supports their development by sharing effective methods:
• to reach the marginalised young people
• to prevent the spread of racism and intolerance amongst young people in the local community
• to address the risk and the opportunities of digitalization to fight online hate speech and use social media to raise awareness


● To develop and update the capacity of youth workers and youth leaders from 12 countries to approach and help the young refugees and immigrants to better integrate into the local communities – through creative inclusive projects;
● To raise awareness about the refugees and immigrants’ situation in the local communities, fighting hate speech and building dialogue and understanding between the locals and the newcomers – through different non formal education methods, awareness campaigns and different visual tools.
● To facilitate the best practices exchange at international level between 12 NGOs and 36 youth workers in the field of non-formal education and promote the effectiveness of non-formal methods in addressing the current challenges to the crisis of refugees and immigrants.
● To enhance the international collaboration among the 12 NGOs involved in the project and to facilitate the development of 5 future non-formal education projects whose main target group will be young refugees or immigrants

You can find more details about the project here.

Those who are interested to join, please write us on for the application form. The deadline is on 1st of October 2021.

The project is organized by TDM 2000 Malta and it is funded by EU through Erasmus+ Programme.

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